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1) You will find at the airport a person that will bring you at the "Ettore Majorana" Foundation in Erice. He will show an appropriate sign.

To organize this shuttle service we need:

  • arrival: date – time – flight number - airport
  • departure: date – time – flight number - airport

Please email us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) as soon as possible these details. Please understand that incorrect or partial information can cause significant problems, including prolonged stay at the airport.

It is possible that a single car/bus will wait for more flights.

It is possible, but strongly discouraged to arrive at night. In fact, in case of problems (i.e. a significant flight delay) it can be difficult to organize a proper solution. In case of problems, contact us (cellular phone contacts will be given to every participant).

2) At your arrival in Erice, you will be asked to fill in a registration form with personal information. This is related to the Italian law about hotels.

You will be informed about accommodation, meals and program.

Don't expect that people at the "Ettore Majorana" Foundation speak English.

Please go to the Foundation (via Guarnotti, 26 - Erice) also if you reach Erice by yourself.

3) Your accommodation will be in the Foundation itself (two old monasteries) or in hotels, according to the organization needs and to your requests.

The accommodation in the monasteries is slightly austere but nice.

Don’t expect hotel comforts. In particular, we remind you that there is not telephone in the monasteries rooms.

4) You can find cash machines at the post office. The machine is very near to the Ettore Majorana Foundation.

5) Erice is on a 800 m high hill in front of the sea, so it is opened to every wind, and in April-May the weather is sometimes unfavourable, with fog and relatively low temperature.

On the other hand, in case of blue sky the temperature rises a lot, so we suggest you to bring with you both spring and winter clothes, because of the extremely variable climate.

6) If you are traveling with another person, please let us know as soon as possible his/her name and affiliation (if applicable). In any case, let us know with sufficient advance that you are bringing a guest.

7) You can have meals in some restaurants in Erice with expenses paid by the Foundation from the dinner of April 22th to the lunch of 29th, while you can have breakfast in San Rocco (if your accommodation is in one of the old monasteries) or in the hotel.

8) There is an internet point in the main building of the foundation (San Rocco), with free access to some PC’s and a printer. There is also wireless access for your laptop in the lecture hall and in all of the Foundation buildings.

However, wireless connection is guaranteed only in common areas of the monasteries, it does not reach all rooms.

The internet access in hotels is regulated by each hotel.

9) Speakers only: You can use your own laptop for the presentation; otherwise a PC with PowerPoint 2013 is available. If you plan to use our PC, PLEASE EMBED THE FONTS IN THE PRESENTATION, otherwise strange symbols can appear, in particular if you used special symbols. In any case, PLEASE RUN YOUR PRESENTATION BEFORE THE SESSION, preferably in the morning, before 9:00 am. The supported video resolution is 1024x768,  D sub 15 standard analogue (VGA) connector and mini DVI (Note: NO digital DVI input, the onput is strictly analogic). Please allow for about 10 minutes of questions at the end of your presentation.

10) Example of facilities you WILL find in your room:

  • basic welcome kit (just shower soap)
  • towels
  • water (sparkling and still)
  • small refrigerator

11) Example of facilities you WILL NOT find in your room or elsewhere in the Foundation:

  • hair dryer
  • television
  • telephone
  • plug adapter

12) Please note that cellular phone network is precarious all around Erice, and you will be able to use your cellular phone only in some places, depending on the weather.