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The fee is 650 EUR and includes:

  • registration to the meeting
  • shuttle from the airport of Palermo or Trapani to Erice and v.v.
  • meals from the first to the last day (in selected restaurants)
  • accommodation in the monasteries or in hotel (according to organization needs)

Facilitations for ISMRM members

The fee is reduced to EUR 550 for ISMRM members. ISMRM young members (PhD students and early postdoc) please contact us to check for further options.


Some full studentships for young MRI scientists are available, thanks to Museo storico della Fisica e Centro studi e Ricerche Enrico Fermi. The Organizing Committe reserves the option to grant a correspondingly increased number of partial studentships. Partial studentships cover half of the fee, thus students awarded with partial studentships must cover the remaining EUR 325.

To apply for a studentship, the relevant option of the registration form must be selected. Studentships can include total or partial waiver of the fee. To apply for a studentship, plese send us a CV including publication list.

Requirements for applying are:

  • The applicant is a young researcher (PhD students at most)
  • The applicant is submitting a poster


Speakers and participants are encouraged to submit posters.

Posters (80 cm W x 100 cm H max) must include research material. If you want to submit a poster, you should declare it in the registration form and send us the abstract by email.


The fee must be paid by bank transfer to:

Fondazione Ettore Majorana e Centro di Cultura Scientifica

IBAN:  IT 47 I 02008 16407 000600000655


Please specify “International School on Magnetic Resonance and Brain Function - <YOUR NAME>” as reason for the fund transfer. Specifying your name is important especially if you are not directly issuing the bank transfer (i.e. it is issued by your administration).


Remember to bring a copy of the bank transfer receipt to the Workshop. If you need a receipt from the administration, you should contact the local administration at least two days before you leave Erice, but preferaby during the first day of the workshop. The local receipt can be obtained only upon showing the bank transfer receipt.

Certificate of attendance

Remember to ask for your Certificate of Attendance to the administration before the end of the workshop. We won't be able to provide certificates after the end of the workshop.