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In the last years Magnetic Resonance has generated a wide revolution in biomedical research and in medical diagnostics. The "in vivo" studies of the human brain were extended by new original ways of observing the areas of human cortex activated by stimuli. The enormous interest in expanding the investigation of the brain is emphasizing the search for new NMR methods capable of esxtracting information of so-far obscure aspects of the brain function and structure. 

The workshop deals with advances in fMRI, NMR structural imaging and spectroscopy, brain electrophysiology and other complemental approaches capable of giving information about brain physiology, structure and function.


Electrophysiology of non  human primates

Neural events underlying the BOLD signal: combined electrophysiology and fMRI

Relaxation in fictious fields: principles and applications

fMRI and EEG Combination

fMRS of human brain function

Advances on neurovascular coupling

High field structural imaging of the brain

Modeling apporaches to human brain metabolism

High field fMRI

Resting State fMRI